Got Firewall?

What the heck is a Firewall?
A firewall is a device that is used to protect a computer (or a network of computers) from an untrusted network (the Internet), while still allowing regular traffic between the two. While it is not a panacea for everything it is a great first line defense and will help keep the bad guys at bay.

Why Do I want a Firewall?
Right now there are hackers and "worms" on the Internet trying to get onto your computer. If you were running a typical firewall log file, on average, it would show several attempts an hour of someone or something trying to connect to your computer. You do not want this happening!

Bottom Line
An important reason to buy a router (or firewall) is to protect and hide your computer(s) from the open Internet and Internet based attacks.

That's Great! But what else can a Router Do?
Ah! Good question! Another very cool function of a router is to provide a means to connect multiple computers together so they can share files, printers, scanners, and/or a broadband Internet connection. Connecting these multiple computers together safely behind the router forms what is called a "LAN" (local area network). It is usually done with some computers physically wired to the router and some computers connected in a "wireless" fashion. If you really want to impress your friends: let them see you surfing the net with your laptop while sitting on your back porch or on your deck! Very cool.

Can Page Computers Provide Us with a Safe LAN?
You bet. Just give us a call and tell us what equipment you currently have and we'll offer you several alternatives for a safe connection to the Internet. Not only that - we'll give you all the tools you need to ensure that your LAN is secured. It's our job. Close this window and then click on the "Home/Office Networks" link to see our installation rates.


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